Prevent the next unwanted Kitty Litter!

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River City Community Animal exchange Hospital and Mercy Lab are teaming up to provide VERY low cost spay and neuter services. During the Spring and Summer RCCAH will be hosting several cat grant days in Kingsland and Waycross. Please check our calendar, follow us on Facebook or call 904-733-8123 for more information.


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We post frequently on Facebook: pet health tips, pictures of our patients, humor, notices about our work, and news articles of interest to “animal people”…please “LIKE” us on the Facebook page and keep in touch! If you have pictures of pets who have visited make money us, please post them and we will share!!

We can be found by typing in “River City Community Animal Hospital, Inc.” on your Facebook page.


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 River City Community Animal Hospital is a mobile and Non Profit (501(c)3) spay and neuter facility that travels throughout northeast Florida and Southeastern Georgia, visiting different communities on a rotating basis, providing lower fee spay and neuter services for everyone.

Our mission has never been to compete with or to replace the relationship with a family veterinarian. In an ideal world, all pet owners would have a close relationship with a family veterinarian, and all pets would receive the best care modern medicine and surgery can offer. However, in the real world, many people either cannot afford this care, or simply do not prioritize it. All pets deserve the best and all deserve to live happy and healthy lives. We hope and certainly encourage all our clients currency to establish a relationship with a veterinarian of their choice for the life of their pet. There is no substitute for good medical care, and only a licensed veterinary medical doctor can provide this in the best educated and most humane way.

RCCAH does not sacrifice the best care in order to provide lower fees. We only provide the best possible care we possibly can, keeping our fees affordable for all owners, and we do not “cut corners.” Each pet owner meets the surgical staff, including the veterinarian, during each spay day.  Both of our doctors have been with us since we started in 2004, and have over 46 years of veterinary clinical experience between them.  Each pet that comes to us is treated as an individual and with compassionate care, and receives surgical care and pain management on a par with private practice. All pets receive a thorough physical exam, and a full medical record and education for any problems or issues found. This is the level of care you should expect and insist upon wherever you take your pet and at any fee. If you do not receive conscientious medical and surgical care (or are unable to meet the surgery staff) at any spay neuter facility, you may not be getting the safest possible care; sometimes a low cost may actually mean lower levels of care; we know that people have special bonds with their pets and we will not sacrifice safety and humane care just to lower costs.

We encourage everyone to look over our entire website and learn what we do and how we do it. WHY we do it is equally important; MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of wonderful pets are destroyed in shelters and on roadsides each year in this country, simply because they have no homes. Dogs and cats are very prolific, and cannot help reproducing; only humans can help them stop, and improve their chances for a longer life in the process. Spaying and neutering is good for the community AND it is good for your pet.

Spayed and neutered pets statistically live longer and happier lives, and the risk of reproductive cancers are eliminated in most cases. Our goal is to provide that service in a safe and individualized way, and to help educate pet owners about the best way to care for pets, issues involving public health, how to feed and protect pets from disease, and to generally make things better for you and your pet for the rest of their lives.

We thank all the caring people who want the best for their pets, and especially thank those who saved a life through adoption or rescue (whether the choice was yours or your pet’s,) and for those who assist or donate to shelters and rescue organizations, both places who would love to be “out of business” if only there were enough homes to go around.   


At this time, we do not accept e-mail requests for appointments. It is very important that you speak with us directly to be sure you understand the procedure and that we have reviewed all of the pre-surgical instructions. We strongly recommend that you review our entire website so you are well prepared and familiar with our services and what we recommend so that we may work with you to provide the best and safest possible care for your pet!

  • ALL information about professional FEES are available UNDER “SERVICES.” Select CANINE or FELINE depending on whether you have a dog or a cat.
  •  The calendar tab will help you determine WHEN WE will be at EACH GEOGRAPHIC location.
  • Click DIRECTLY on “CALENDAR” (and not on “Spay Days” or “Locations,”)  if you want DATES (when we will be in your area.)
  • As our website explains, all our fees are already as low as possible while still providing  a higher standard of care.
  • Please know what and why certain procedures are recommended for your pet. While some pet owners are only concerned about cost, we are most concerned about safety and humane care, and want to provide the best care with the greatest chance of a happy and healthy outcome.  

 The only way to make a confirmed appointment is by telephone. Sometimes a high volume of calls requires that you leave a message. Please know that we will return your call as soon as possible, although calls are not returned except during normal business hours (Mon-Thurs, 8-5.) Calls left late at night or over weekends will not be returned until those business hours. Please be sure to leave a NAME as well as a TELEPHONE NUMBER, including an AREA CODE, and please speak slowly and clearly, it is very difficult to understand a telephone number that is spoken rapidly and we are unable to return calls when the number is given too rapidly to understand. Callers often forget to leave a call back number, and these calls cannot be returned. 

THE APPOINTMENT LINE IS  (904) 733-8123         .

  • Please review our “HOW TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT” section for complete information, and also check our FAQS page (for “Frequently Asked Questions.) 

We do not “discount” our fees any more than what is posted, as these fees are already at 1/4 to 1/3 of standard practice fees. Our goal has never been to compete with family veterinarians; in an ideal world, every pet owner would be ableand willing  to use the services of family veterinarians in the community, and we strongly encourage that relationship. Our services are offered for those who otherwise either could not or would not take advantage of this critical service for their pets and their community.

We are not subsidized by any other organization and rely on fees and donations to provide our service, and so cannot offer “FREE” services, regardless of an owner’s economic situation. We are a SPAY AND NEUTER AND EDUCATION organization and cannot provide services for sick or injured animals, nor do we adopt out or accept homeless pets (we do not operate a shelter.)

Thank you for caring enough about your pet to want to improve their chances of a long and happy life!

River City Heads to Waycross!!!

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Find us at Tractor Supply on US 1!

After many requests to bring the van to Ware County, RCCAH is now serving WAYCROSS, GEORGIA, at least two days per month. We have many faithful clients from Blackshear, Waynesville, Screven, Homerville, Nahunta, Pearson, and the Waycross area who have trekked east to Brunswick to have their pets spayed or neutered, and now we can serve them much more directly.

This will make safe and affordable spay neuter and wellness services available for Ware, Pierce, Brantley, and other southern Georgia counties and also provide animal care education and information about health issues to pet owners. We have been parking the mobile unit at the Tractor Supply Store right on US 1, so it is easy to find, and convenient to all.

Information about when spay days are scheduled in Waycross (as well as other locations) may be found here on the website by clicking on the CALENDAR link and then SPAY DAY LOCATIONS.

River City has been warmly welcomed by many local pet advocates in Waycross, and we look forward to making a big difference for the pets and people of this community. With everyone’s help, we plan to reduce the tragically high numbers of dogs and cats euthanized in  local animal care facilities, where “surplus” animals are taken and for which homes are rarely found. With increased awareness of this issue of uncontrolled reproduction and with a safe and affordable option available, we are going to work very hard to make Waycross a better place for pets and their owners!!!

Annual Vaccine Packages

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Annual Vaccine Packages are Here!!!


RCCAH is frequently asked to provide
lower fee physical exams and annual
vaccinations for our clients’ pets.
We are providing this service
on a very limited basis, and is only available to
pets already responsibly spayed
or neutered.
Please call 904-733-8123 for an appointment or visit our wellness section under services. 

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